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Hello, Dave here, this is a little bio about myself and Jedi Performance.

I have been working on "things" for as long as I can remember I did my first oil change and tune up when I was 10 or 11.  I have been tinkering and fixing things all my life, I have a motto if someone built it then I can fix it.

During most of the week I am an Instrument & Control Tech at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, where I maintain the Plant Computer, Safety Systems, and Siren / PA Systems. On the weekends is when Jedi Performance takes care of your vehicles.

Jedi Performance has been servicing vehicles since 2016 and it all started with a Ford Powerstroke 6.0.. While working on the truck a friend of mine was over and struggling to remove the turbo I climbed up and "fished" it out of there and he said "You used the force to get that didn't you" and so Jedi Performance  was born.

Since that time, I have put together Computer Diagnostic software vehicle specialty tool, Can-Am diagnostics, and ECM tuning, through my partners we can performance flash any powersports vehicle as well. I am Also an Amsoil Dealer and prefer their products over all others.

Our Logo is a modified Jedi Order Symbol with the Light Saber swapped with a Fuel Injector and a Nut...

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